Enter the Blockchain

When I first read that Microsoft was making it easier to develop, test, and deploy blockchain applications on Azure, I was excited. Here is this new, transformational technology being made more accessible. Immediately, however, I realized that applications and services using blockchain faced some of the same pitfalls of cloud services, at least where sales [...]

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Strategy vs Execution: Which is the more important and why?

“Successful people start before they feel ready.” - attributed to Sir Richard Branson I like to ask groups that I am working with which is the more important: Strategy or Execution? This always results in a highly animated discussion about why strategy is the more important of the two. If the strategy is not in place to [...]

Differentiation in the Cloud (aka. Differentiate or Die)

In the massively expanding world of virtualised services how can Cloud Service Providers stand out from the crowd and demonstrate that they are materially different? And secondly, how do you explain that your material differences are vital and critical for customer success? This is the dilemma today facing Leaders and Senior Executives at Cloud Service [...]

The Cloud = Change

IDC predicts that 70% of CIOs will embrace a “cloud first” strategy in 2016. Talk to anyone about the Cloud today and you will hear a long list of advantages and benefits from flexibility to business agility to reduced operating costs to CAPEX -> OPEX and access to assets vs owning assets and all the [...]

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The Psychology of Adoption

Is the “Cloud” a Barrier to Customer Adoption?  I was speaking recently with a colleague and friend in the Cloud eco-System. He is based in the UK and has pan-European responsibility for Cloud Services and he told me something extremely interesting. Fascinating in fact and I would like to share his insight with you. This [...]

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All Failure is Failure to Adapt

What made you successful in the past will not make you successful in the future. “What got you here will not get you there.” - Marshall Goldsmith Using the past to understand the future When we look to the past to understand the future we compromise our ability to envision change and see a different [...]

Not all Customers were Created Equal

All customers are vital to your business, but some are more vital than others. Some customers provide significant revenue today but will decrease over time. Others are small today but have huge growth potential. Some customers demand enormous resources and support, while others don’t and some customers are great references, recommenders and a major source [...]

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Thinking at 3 Time Horizons

“Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason so few engage in it.” - Henry Ford One of the defining characteristics of great Business Leaders, Managers, Entrepreneurs and Sales People is having an “Opportunity Mindset”. An opportunity mindset comes from being open and receptive to opportunity, which means being open and [...]

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Disrupt or be Disrupted

The enemy of transformation and change is the day-to-day. Maintaining the status quo, just doing what we need to do each day holds us back from moving into the future. "Disrupt yourself, before someone else does. Disrupt yourself - to dominate the next wave of business, even if in the near-term it undercut your existing one." - Clayton Christiansen [...]

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Don’t Expect the Channel to Create Demand

• Your channel is an extension of your sales capability, not an extension of your marketing department • The channel supports, services and fulfils customer demand • Channels rely on the Vendor to invest in the brand, develop brand awareness, create demand, generate sales momentum and develop new market opportunities • Building buzz, creating a Tipping [...]